PAN Card Correction Form | PAN Card Correction / Update Online

By | February 20, 2019

PAN Card Correction Form | PAN Card Correction / Update Online:  There do arise many situations where you need to change your details regarding PAN Card. Such needs may come due to circumstances like a mistake in your spelling of the name or change of name after marriage (in which case you need to keep your marriage certificate handy) and much more. But, changing your details on the PAN Card is not too much of a hassle and can be easily done through PAN Card correction form. Today we shall discuss how to go about with a PAN Card correction form in the easiest possible way.

Now, we know that there are two organizations for PAN Card. Firstly the NSDL and secondly the UTI. But, there is no need to worry as through which organization you have, because both the organization provides you with the facility of PAN Card correction form. Here we are going to provide a step guide for PAN Card correction form for both the organizations.

PAN Card Correction Form | PAN Card Correction / Update Online

PAN Card Correction

PAN Card Correction

For a holder of NSDL PAN Card

Visit the NSDL website. Choose the option for PAN Card correction form. But before you get your form, you have to select the category of applicant.

For a holder of UTI PAN Card

Visit the UTI website. Choose the option for PAN Card correction form, and you will receive your form directly.

PAN Card Correction Form

Download PAN Card Correction Form

Documents required to update existing PAN details

The two most important things you must possess is your identity proof and your current PAN. Your current PAN will be mentioned on your already existing PAN Card. For your identity proof, driver’s license, passport, marriage certificate, etcetera will be fine. If you’re looking to link your aadhar with pan card then follow this guide.

You can complete your application by either uploading your necessary documents, in which case, you need the soft copies of them along with entering or the required credentials, or you can obtain the pdf format of your form, get a print out of the form, paste your photo and attach all the necessary documents required and deposit to Online Seva Center or the PAN Agency. Regardless of which way you are depositing your application form, a fees payment of 107 has to be made. In case you are paying online, you can pay via debit card or credit card.

So, this wall regarding PAN Card correction forms. Hopefully, now you know how to proceed further with it. Not to worry much, this is a very simple process. You just have to do whatever is asked in the form, and your application will be made in the easiest way.

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